Wedding Gelato Strain


Wedding Gelato Strain is an indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Wedding Cake with Gelato 33. This epic combination produces a strain known for its sweet flavor profile, smooth smoke, and arousing effect. Consumers say Wedding Cake will make you feel blissful and happy upon your first hit.

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Wedding Gelato Strain: The Results of a Complex Love Affair Between Wedding Cake, Gelato, and Gelato 33


Featuring a complicated yet mesmerising family tree, wedding gelato is the lovechild of several strains working harmoniously together. Each contributor brings their own unique element. The result is an incredibly rich and rewarding flavour profile matched by a balanced high. The love triangle in question starts with Triangle Kush x Animal Mints, creating Wedding Cake. Then, in true threesome spirit, Gelato 33 is added to spice up the partnership. 20–25% THC comes courtesy of Gelato 33, while the genetic diversity of Wedding Cake contributes the majority of her flavor.



A creamy blend of Flavors


Wedding Gelato Strain is “sickly sweet” with earthy undertones. Lemons, a touch of mint, and vanilla swirl in the mouth like a creamy glass of hot milk. Leaning slightly toward indica genetically, this nearly balanced hybrid focusses its euphoric prowess on the mind. Waves of uplifting energy come hard and fast, so be prepared. Once she has finished cleansing any stressful thoughts, the high moves to your muscles. Mildly soothing, she will not lock you in a state of indica paralysis, but leave you free to wander the great outdoors.

Buds grow potent and compact, like small nuggets of concentrated power. The only suggestion of her strength—vibrant orange hairs. When set against the backdrop of dark green buds, growers can be forgiven for spending several hours admiring her beauty. Extra potent and supremely dank, Wedding Gelato can be enjoyed throughout the day. However, to fully appreciate her elaborate genetics, it is best to clear your schedule. She needs a full and uninterrupted afternoon to wash away the stress of modern living.


She packs a potent punch


Take this diverse beauty outdoors, and she will be ready to harvest at the beginning of October. Indoors, flowering lasts approximately 60 days. Bud production is middle of the pack, roughly 350–400g/m². Thankfully, anything she lacks in yield, she makes up for in flavour and THC concentration.


Wedding Gelato Strain is a strain that packs an intense punch that somehow balances both indica and sativa effects, giving you a long-lasting, comforting, and focus-driven high.





The initial aroma of the Wedding Gelato strain is one of almost overwhelming sweetness. It is almost sickly in its intensity, wafting dizzyingly sweet aromas that overwhelm your palate.

Although this sounds quite unpleasant, the aroma is delightful. If you’ve ever smelled fresh raw toffee or a glass of exceptionally sweet hot cocoa, you might be able to imagine the smell of the Wedding Gelato strain.

It is surprisingly comforting when you get a chance to smell this strain, and it reminisces of a winter’s evening.




After you break the buds open and get a chance to taste the flavor of the Wedding Gelato Strain, the first thing you will notice is a lot more intricate depth than just the base sweetness of its aroma.

There are hints of lemon, herbs, and a potent vanilla flavor, almost like pure vanilla extract. The taste washes over your tongue, coating it with sweetness and all its different flavors so that it tastes almost like a rich toffee.






Wedding Gelato Strain are adorably small, bound tightly together as if wrapped in ribbons. However, the ribbons are the long, vibrant pistils that entwine the buds, holding it all together.

The leaves have a very regular green coloration to them, which is contrasted nicely with the slightly purple and orange tint just under the surface.


Possible Side Effects of the Wedding Gelato Strain


A strong strain will always carry some problems with it, and the first one you will notice with Wedding Gelato is an intense dry mouth. Dry eyes may accompany this, but the pure dryness in your mouth is what you will notice first.


Make sure to drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated throughout the day, as this dryness can be a real burden for long-term users of Wedding Gelato.


The main issue with Wedding Gelato, though, is its tendency to encourage a few negative mental issues. While plenty of people use this strain to handle mental problems like depression and anxiety, it can actually make things worse if you smoke too much.


All the THC within this potent strain can work to make you feel paranoid and anxious if you overconsume. While this might seem paradoxical, considering how many people use it as an anxiety treatment, it is all about moderation when smoking it.


As long as you are being especially careful with how much Wedding Gelato you are smoking at once, it really shouldn’t be a problem.

Lastly, this strain’s effects tend to last for hours at a time, leading to the possibility of you waking up high if you smoke it late in the evening. To avoid this, either make sure you are carefully moderating your dosage, or just make sure only to smoke it during the day. While waking up high might sound fun, it actually results in a lot of problems; no one wants to work or drive while stoned.



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