Strawberry Gelato Strain


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The Strawberry Gelato Strain


The Strawberry Gelato Strain is a versatile strain that is best enjoyed during the afternoon and evening. This strain is also suitable for social gatherings. It is useful for many conditions, including chronic pain, stress, anxiety, and headaches. It can also stimulate appetite.


Strawberry Gelato is an autoflowering strain



Popular amongst our customers  for  its sweet taste, this strain has 22% THC on average. It produces a meditative body high and powerful energetic head buzz that is reminiscent of traditional Italian strawberry gelato. It is best suited for those seeking a soaring head high, though the effects can be quite relaxing for those with a lower tolerance. This autoflowering cannabis strain is a heavy hitter.



It is important to use caution with this strain. Its high THC level can overwhelm an inexperienced consumer. However, many of our customers have reported positive effects.



Strawberry Gelato Strain can help treat many debilitating ailments and relieve symptoms of depression, anxiety, and migraines. It is best consumed in moderation, as it can lead to confusion and drowsiness. It is also best consumed in small doses over a long period.



Its high THC level makes it suitable for medical and recreational cannabis consumption. While  Strawberry Gelato is a high-THC strain, we have noticed that  recreational smokers laud its flavor and euphoric effects. Those who seek relief from migraines, stress, and anxiety should practice moderation.


The Strawberry Gelato Strain



This strain’s  dense, frosty buds have a sweet strawberry smell and taste. Those who have tried it have reported a very relaxing and enjoyable high.



The high produced by this Strain,  is not as colorful as the flavor, but it is equally relaxing. It begins with a lifted feeling and gradually fills the body with a deep, mellow euphoria. The euphoria is so strong, users may experience a heightened sense of creativity, but this can lead to problems sleeping. Depending on the setting, this strain may produce a paranoid state, which is why it’s best used when your THC tolerance is high.



The Strawberry  Gelato strain is one of the most popular cannabis varieties in the world. It has a strong strawberry taste that combines fruity notes and a mellow, relaxing high. It is a great choice for daytime smokers because it’s relaxing and helps fight irritability. This strain is also great for chronic pain. However, it is a little stronger than your average strain.





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