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PAX Era pods are designed mainly for use with PAX Era devices.  They are premium pen and pod systems,  offering built-in and app-based controls.

Gelato is gives a very intense high and it’s a solid choice for relaxing while still keeping focus. It equally has a great up-front fruit flavor with hints of earthy Kush on the exhale.

Pax Era Pods Gelato THC is super-potent and features a variety of legendary cannabis strains. This Gelato high is triple-tested  using an exclusive cannabis terpene blend, as we do with all our products, to ensure our clients keep getting the best product quality on offer. It is only thanks to this strict process,  we have succeeded in keeping our clients coming back for more of our products and this gelato pod, falls within our priced products.

Benefits  of  Pax Era Pods Gelato


This product has some very interesting benefits which have enabled it to get consumers tight to it and can’t seem to get enough of. We are very glad of this outcome , as it means our clients our fully satisfied with our products firstly , then with our service. Some of these benefits which keep bring consumer back include;


The Pods’ ease of Use. These Pods are made firstly for pure convenience . In this light , the Pax era Pods gelato, is made to enable consumers use it and get their easily with no stress.


The best thing about  this Pod is its  consistent delivery of potent vapor.


It is possible to make changes to the pods’  temperature

Buy Pax Era Pods Gelato from our Official Gelato Strain Store today for the best in product quality. Our clients,  equally enjoy of our effective delivery service which is operated worldwide.

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