Girl Scout Cookies x Gelato


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Girl Scout Cookies x Gelato
This strain is an indica dominant hybrid with an overwhelming gas nose paired with citrus notes. It has a solid earth and gas taste. This weed provides a super heady high that will calm your thoughts and leave you in a mellow mood before settling into a sedative body high.
It is a cross between Gelato and Girl Scout Cookies, which are two of the hardest strains in the market with several active consumers.
Taking this into consideration , we decided to add this strain to our catalogue and since then , its become a hit with our clients, as they can’t seem to get enough of he sweet high and relaxing feeling this strain provides.
The strain has a strong THC content , which always leaves consumers wanting more. We however advice newcomers to go slow on this one because it could hit real hard if overly consumed. This should not scare you though , as the only negative effect of this strain is headache , but you might feel it for sometime  and its only when overly consumed.

Benefits of Girl Scout Cookies x Gelato

Early , we mentioned this strain could give the consumer a headache , if heavily consumed. Now, let’s look as to why our clients keep picking up their phones to command more of this.

Firstly , this strain gives a sweet high which isn’t easy to find and which is very much unique and gives your body the desired calm and peace.

Again, several of our clients suffering from anxiety , depression and nausea have reported to have found relief , though temporarily , after consuming this strain.


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1 ounce, 1 pound, 1/2 pound


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