Gelato Sorbet


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Gelato Sorbet

Sorbet and Gelato #33  came together to create Gelato Sorbet (also known as Sherbet Gelato) by DNA genetics as part of their Sorbet lineup.

This strain is heavily Indica dominated.

The strain produces vibrant, colorful, resinous buds that ooze in a fruity dank flavor profile. The plant is great for beginners, as the strain grows uniformly allowing us to achieve amazing results without too much effort, for the full benefit of our clients. This hybrid needs an 8–9 week flowering time (mid-October outdoors).

This strain has a strong mint odor, with hints of sweet honey and pine. Combusting this strain amplifies the cool spearmint-flavor, and leaves a sweet, yet spicy honey aftertaste.


Benefits of Gelato Sorbet

The euphoric haze reportedly creeps in steadily, as does the blissful body buzz. The rare terpene, Terpinolene, is believed to work in tandem with Beta Caryophllene to have a sedative effect that users say helps them reduce pain and inflammation as well as anxiety. Most users experienced an improved mood and stimulated appetite.

This strain , with that same cool mint flavor as its GSC grandparent, is an indica-dominant strain that still packs a potent psychoactive punch. It’s the perfect evening, dessert flavored appetizer, that many say just might help you get a laugh too.

This strain is highly effective for clients suffering from depression , anxiety and nervousness, by helping them to keep calm and relax. It also enables them to have a cool head. This is one of the most desired effects sort by our clients when purchasing and consuming this strain.


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