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What You Should Know About Gelato Runtz



Runtz is a rare indica-leaning hybrid strain. It was developed by crossing Zkittlez and Gelato. The genetics of both strains have been combined to produce a hybrid with both the calming and euphoric effects of the former and the sweet, tropical flavor of the latter. The Runtz’s potency is also one of its most notable qualities..



Runtz is a popular strain with cannabis enthusiasts. The buds come in a variety of colours, ranging from purple to lime green. The aroma and flavour are very pleasant. The effects last for a long time.



The high from Gelato is similar to the effects from other indica strains, with higher THC levels. Gelato’s bud is dense, compact, and covered in purple and green hues. It provides an invigorating, euphoric high, while also helping you maintain mental focus and encourage creative pursuits. The mellow, yet uplifting high will leave you feeling relaxed and happy. It is a good choice for those looking for a high without the haze and potency.




Gelato and Runtz are both very potent strains.



Gelato Runtz, is an equally balanced hybrid of 50 percent indica and fifty percent sativa. It is a cross between Runtz and Gelato 33, and its name refers to its sweet, fruity taste. Its high is a happy, euphoric experience, which many users describe as calming and rejuvenating. The flavor is sweet and reminiscent of ice cream.



Here’s a closer look at what makes this strain so popular. Then, make your own decision. But we an tell you before hand , this is a strain you absolutely want to have a taste of and no better place to get it than on this our online store.



Gelato Runtz  is a very potent strain . With a THC level of 29%,


Effects of Gelato Runtz



The high from Gelato Runtz is almost immediate, and the cerebral effect will leave you feeling happy and relaxed.



The flavor is very sweet, with a citrusy undertone. It is easy to smoke and is also highly aromatic. Some of our  customers  reported experiencing an earthy aftertaste, especially after smoking the nugs. In a nutshell , It has a sweet, tropical flavor.


It is a great way to unwind after a stressful day or workday. This strain has a great effect on he mind , as it relaxes the mind and brings you calm.



Gelato Runtz is great for chronic pain, fatigue, stress, and nausea. The relaxing effects will leave users refreshed and ready to take on the world.



The relaxing effect, while helping the body , also  brings  happiness  and  creativity  to  users.




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