G Pen Gio x Cookies Gelato


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G Pen Gio x Cookies Gelato

This is a relatively new product. This product is called G Pen Gio x Cookies Gelato.


The G Pen Gio product,  is the invention of advanced technology cannabis vaporization. This advanced product is also related with the well-known cannabis brand name from rapper Berner and entrepreneur.


This product was inspired  by the terpene profile of iconic cookie strains, cookies CBD and  is also made by hemp-derived CBD on G PEN GIO.


G pen Gio is hybrid gelato. The product has 335.7 mg or 67.1% of THC and 18.5 mg or 3.7% of CBD on it.


The G pen Gio x Cookies gelato has a total net weight of 500 mg / .018 OZ. The flower  which has been used on this product is also appreciating.


We made sure to package this product in a good packaging,  like with all of our products.


This amazingly advanced G PEN GIO has one G PEN DIO battery, and the one micro USB charging cable. Furthermore,  due to its  advanced technology, it only takes 60 minutes to fully charge. The battery is powerful and strong, the battery is a 180 mAh battery.


Place your order and get this advanced technology vape cart from our Gelato strain store.

Benefits of  G Pen Gio x Cookies Gelato


There are several benefits of using this highly advanced vape cart. Some of them are due to its design and usage, and are as follows;


Firstly, this vape cart is very easy to use. Cannabis cartridges, especially an advanced one like this, is  incredibly easy to use, especially when compared with other vaporizers such as dab rigs.


Again, this vape is convenient and portable.


Lastly, this vape cart gives you the ability to control the dosage. Due to its advanced technology, its very easy to control the cannabis dosage.


Buy G Pen Gio x Cookies Gelato from  officialgelatostrain.com today for the best in product quality an an effective delivery worldwide.


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