Bubble Gum Gelato Strain


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Bubble Gum Gelato Strain


Bubblegum Gelato, also known as “BG Gelato” or “Bubble Gum Gelato,” is an  indica dominant hybrid strain (60% indica/40% sativa). This  strain  was  created  through the crossing of  the classic Gelato #45  and  Indiana Bubblegum strains.


Gelato #45 is the strain with the highest THC content. It weighs  in at 26.7 percent THC.  So a strain whih has Gelato 45 in it , is obviously a very potent strain, which  hits the user very hard and kicks in very fast , within 30 minutes of consuming it.



The high is so strong , it lasts for 2 to 3 hours , keeping the user in a state of  euphoria  and  peace.  It brings calmness to the user , leaving him relaxed and with a creative mind.



Medical Benefits of Bubble Gum Gelato Strain



Due to it’s hybrid genetics and high THC content, this strain is widely loved by medical and recreational users alike. The strain’s combination of mental and physical effects mean that it’s able to treat a wide range of ailments.


On the physical side, this strain is really helpful in treating pain. From musculoskeletal pain, inflammation, or migraines, this strain can provide much needed relief through its numbing effects.


Due to the intense and cerebral nature of its high, Gelato is helpful to those with PTSD and anxiety.



Our clients have reported to feeling safe and grounded, as they continue to consume his product, with any negative feelings melting away over time. As a result, it is also effective in treating depression and chronic stress. This strain is fairly potent, so we advice our clients to be make sure they are aware of how quickly they are consuming it.




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