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Gelato Strain is a smooth, fruity hybrid strain that is a cross of Thin Mint GSC and Sherbert (or Sunset Sherbert). Originating from Cookie Fam Genetics out of San Francisco, California, Gelato has a sweet aroma relating to its namesake. Also in circulation is a phenotype of Gelato known as “Gelato #33” or simply, Larry Bird, after his famous jersey number. This strain packs a punch, with pain-relieving, lucid, and psychedelic effects that lean on the indica side, but won’t leave you couch-locked. Legendary with both medical and recreational users, but may be on the stronger side for lighter consumers.

This daytime strain can help with pain and loss of appetite, and elevate you to new heights. Named like the dessert, this earthy, sweet flower is a favorite due to its aroma and strength. Try Gelato strain with us today for the best in product quality and efficient service for your satisfaction.